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Why should our customers engrave their pen which is a gift / present for their intended recipient/s?
Custom printing is in high demand nowadays. Many people who are involved or working in business develoment, marketing, advertising & promotions, and public relations agree that personalization plays a..

Why are Water Bottles / Thermal Flasks Great Gifts for both Employees and Customers?
Giving your recipients gifts are an excellent way to show your appreciation to them. Companies can give their employees and customers corporate gifts for their excellence exemplary service and/or appr..

Where to make customize printed pin badges in Singapore?
GiftSg Pte Ltd is a supplier of customise printed pin badges in Singapore.  We welcome customers who are keen to get bulk order printing. Feel free to contact us today:

Please be alert against scams
In recent days, we have received several inquiries from customers about phone text messages and emails impersonating us, showing the name as GiftSG. The test message/email claimed that you have win..

What is sublimation / dye-sublimation printing and how does it work?
Sublimation, or dye-sublimation, refer to the same printing technique. You may be wondering how sublimation printing works. First, you print the desired image on mirror-image setting on a sublim..

What is silkscreen printing? Benefits and advantages of screen printing.
Silkscreen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto the product(such as t-shirt etc). The ink stays on the t-shirts for many years, they are very lasting and durabl..

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